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My joy for life came back when I started having better Orgasms

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Yes, my life force came online at 22 years old, when I started doing sacred sexuality work & having mind-blowing full body orgasms.

There was a time when I only knew of clitoral orgasms. nAt that time, only myself & 1 previous lover had been able to make them happen.

Then I discovered that there was a whole menu of delicious orgasms available to me.







& more…

1st things 1st, it was imperative to learn about my pelvic & pleasure anatomy (I’ll be teaching you in Awaken To Pleasure).

Then, for about a year, I used the Yoni Egg to re-senstize my inner erogenous zones. This set the foundation.

Then, some EXCELLENT ancient orgasmic energy techniques were passed down to me by my elders.

THEN, I bought my first crystal wand, & spent hours in ritual with myself, to massage & soften the self-protective & rigid armour my vagina had built within itself.

My Yoni had adopted the armour of a had suppressed how to be soft, receptive, trusting & orgasmic. A few weeks after buying the wand, I had my first G-zone O, using a massage & breathwork technique.

A week after that, I followed some instructions by @rosie.rees, to gently resensitize my cervix.

& then, I had my first Cervical Orgasm

& then, I started squirting 💦

Life was suddenly in technicolour. I felt empowered in my body. My creativity sky rocketed. I was suddenly alive with life-force…

How to start?

At the beginning, it’s important to set the foundations:

☄️Set sacred space (candles, music, incense, no interruptions)

☄️Cultivate a very relaxed nervous system

☄️Heart opening breast massage

☄️Womb, outer Yoni & Labia Massage

☄️Clitoral massage (without peaking!)

☄️Deep breath

☄️Orgasmic breathwork techniques

☄️The key ingredient & the hardest of them all: SURRENDER OF CONTROL 😉

This is a Pleasure practice that is NOT goal driven, but a timeless self-exploration of your Yoni’s magic.

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