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Work With Me in 1-1 Sacred Feminine Mentorship


2, 3 or 6 MONTH PACKAGE:

Awaken your feminine energy, activate your Womb power, liberate your erotic self...

My intention is to create a safe, loving and supportive container for you to explore the depths of your womb healing and sexual awakening journey ~ and discover the fullest spectrum of your womanhood.


Every client I work with steps away empowered in their highest womb power as a woman. I truly believe every woman needs a little extra support to come home to their body, their voice, their sexuality, their womb and their cyclical body.


This is deeply transformational work...


During our sessions we will explore: 


~ Ancestral Womb healing

~ Cultivating a deep & loving connection with your womb

~ Healing infertility & culvitating a fertile womb space

~ Ovary cyst healing

~ Sacred sexuality practices

~ Healing vagina numbness into senstivity, pleasure & internal orgasm awakening

~ Cervix awakening

~ Reconnecting to your feminine body & activating your empowered erotic self

~ Conscious menstruation practices & moon blood rituals

~ Menstrual cycle empowerment

~ Ancient feminine rituals & practices

~ Taoism wisdom & practice

~ Yoni egg practice

~ Classical Tantra & Neo-Tantra philosophy & practice

I also LOVE to guide people to transition from their current matrix jobs into their Dharma and souls purpose path.


We will co-create our time together ~ weaved with your personal intentions and goals for the upcoming months.


This mentorship is open for people who are truly ready to connect to their feminine wisdom and to create an erotically alive, womb-centered life that deeply inspires them.


The investment for the 2 month mentorship is £2222 British pounds

In the 2 month package you receive a total of 4 x 90 minute Zoom sessions, plus voicenote/ message support & a google drive folder of mediatitons.

The investment for the 3 month mentorship is £3333

In the 3 month package you receive a total of 6 x 90 minute Zoom sessions, plus voicenote/ message support & a google drive folder of mediatitons.

The investment for the 6 month mentorship is £5555

In the 6 month package you receive a total of 12 x 90 minute Zoom sessions, plus voicenote/ message support & a google drive folder of mediatitons.


The 6 months mentorship is where you will really start to see sustainable changes happening within your life. The longer you commit to something, the more profound the results are...

Payment plans are available.

In all of the 2/3/6 month packages ~ we will meet every 2 weeks for a 90 minute deep-dive Zoom session ~ full of feminine wisdom, embodiment, ritual and magic tailored just for you...

In between sessions I will share with you a google drive folder of powerful meditations, rituals, feminine self care practices, womb healing tools and soooo much more!

By choosing to apply to 1:1 mentorship with me you are investing in yourself and your biggest dreams. To be supported through your biggest challenges, to be held in your deepest pain AND to be celebrated in all your moments of expansion!

Please fill out the form below to apply to work with me. 

I only take a few clients per cycle, so there may be a short waiting list!


"I don’t have words to express my gratitude to Melissa for the time, space and unconditional love she gave me while she worked with me one on one. She has being an incredible mentor, friend and sister to me. Thanks to our sessions together I have healed so much. I was able to tap into my own power, creativity and I was able to manifest many dreams of mine because of the work we did together.


Melissa is an amazing teacher and healer she is very knowledgeable, wise, good listener, intuitive, strong, sweet and so much more. We woman need someone like Melissa to guide us to learn sacred ways to connect with our Womb, our hearts and our higher self. My dream is to continue to learn from her and to meet her in person!


Working one on one with her has transformed my life, doing Womb healing sessions with her to heal a lot of the abnormal (what we think is okay) difficulties I had during my moon (Menstrual) cycle. I used to have lots of pain on my Uterus and I also experienced cramps in my pelvic floor, since working with her I don’t experience any pain during my cycle. I learned how to be more in tune with my body and that bleeding is such a magical time. My body feels stronger than ever and I have lots of energy since working with her. I feel so grateful to find a sister and teacher like Melissa." ~ Maria Monserrat

"Melissa's work changed my life. It left me with a new sense of richness & wholeness within myself. Not only did my cycle health drastically improve within the first month, I also got major other gifts from this experience.


I feel connected to my soul mission and inspired to bring this out into the world. Melissa is a big source of fundamental wisdom for any woman wanting to live a life with meaning, connection and body love. I have learned many gifts and practices that I'll take with me for life. I cannot recommend this enough."  ~ Zahra Leila

“Melissa helped open my eyes to how beautiful my cycle is. During our session together I felt like I fully stepped into a new, empowered version of myself. I had never connected to my womb before but the power I discovered left my whole body tingling.


Melissa holds such a beautiful and supportive space. I really felt held and in the presence of someone who truly cares about sisters. If you are feeling disconnected from your power, book in a session with this angel. You will come out the other side reborn~ Hannah Harmon

Clara, Feminine Coach, Germany.

Booking calender for those already in mentorship with me:

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