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This unique offering is extraordinarily powerful for releasing old wounds, blockages and pain from the body and pelvis.

We work with full body massage, spending extra loving focus on your belly, sacrum & womb space.

Think of it as ceremonial bodywork with a deep pelvic attunement.


As Womb-keepers we typically store both personal and ancestral trauma in our pelvis. Over time, this creates numbness, cycle imbalances, chronic pain, and basically blocks our deepest sense of pleasure.


This nourishing treatment helps to bring an incredible sense of self-awareness and self-love to any shamed, forgotten and neglected parts of our body.


This treatment is also fantastic for pre-natal and post-natal healing or for your fertility journey.


Recently, I’ve started talking more openly about my own experience with both internal and external Yoni massage. Receiving these treatments myself from other healers all over the world has been nothing short of transformational for me…


After one in particular, in which we cleared ALOT from my pelvis, my voice completely changed over night. The following day, I could newly sing higher notes at a resonance and a volume that was not available to me beforehand.


My voice became deeper and smoother. I could suddenly sing louder and clearer without my voice cracking, as it had done beforehand!


Why? Because the throat, the pelvis and the Yoni are both anatomically and energetically connected. Unblock one and you inevitably begin the unblocking of the other!


This is the magic that is available to you in Ceremonial Womb Massage…

This treatment is a weaving of my training in Womb & fertility massage, Yoni massage, full body massage, Tantric bodywork, Reiki 1 & 2, and Shamanic Womb healing.


Infinite thank you's to my teachers for passing on these ancient practices to me.

The 5/6 hour treatment is £888

1-1 Yoni healing Retreat

There is also the opportunity to create a special day long 1-1 Yoni healing retreat with me where I live in Oaxaca, Mexico. Contact me to co-create your retreat experience!

For booking contact




Altogether, our healing portal will be up to 5 hours of absolute magic…


We’ll do around 30 minutes at the beginning of intention setting, guided womb meditation and checking in.


Followed by over 2 hours of full body massage, abdominal massage and your pelvic healing journey.

Finally, with your full consent, I will enter your yoniverse & begin your internal yoni masssage journey. We will focus on releasing tension and trauma from the tissues, and also pouring in deep loving presence to any tender spaces.

At some point you will feel complete, and we will close the yoni massage portal.


We end with a closing of the bones (cerrando los huesos) and a rebirthing ritual.


Which leaves 30 minutes at the end for integration, sharing and grounding. 🤍

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