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12th April ~ 17th May 24

A 6 week journey of pelvic bowl healing and awakening

Dear woman,


I am so delighted that your curiousity and calling has brought you here...


I created this 6 week group program for all the women who desire support in nurturing their feminine body, their pelvic bowl and their sexual aliveness.

It was created in deeeep service to the feminine, because I recognise just how many women lacked the knowledge, the tools, or the motivation to nurture their pelvic bowl wholeness.

This curriculum is sacred journey to re-invigorate and re-inspire your pelvic bowl tending.

These 4 rituals are at the heart of my personal pelvic care practice, and I intentionally weave them into my weekly and monthly life.


The benefits of these practices are soo wholesome for your feminine body, your sexuality, your fertility and your creative energy.

This program will also become a resource for you in the future, as you continue on your pelvic bowl tending.



Call 1: Opening ritual + my new pelvic and pleasure anatomy workshop


Call 2: Womb alchemy ritual

Call 3: Guided (self) womb & yoni massage journey

Call 4: Cervix healing & awakening ritual

Call 5: Yoni egg pleasure practice

Call 6: Integration + closing ritual

The calls are every Friday (Venus day) for 6 weeks, from 12th April until 17th May. 

Call times: 11am Mexico City time




~ Life access to The Holy Grail ~ my 2.5 hour workshop on pelvic bowl healing and the womb mysteries (a fusion of both mystical and scientific wisdom)

~ A folder of guided womb healing meditations, to continue on your personal practice after Nurture


Hello, I am Melissa! I am a global leader and teacher of the sacred feminine arts. 

My mission is to support feminine liberation. I guide women worldwide on a journey of ancestral womb healing, sexual empowerment and feminine embodiment.

I am very passionate about bringing holistic pelvic care and pelvic health education to more women.

Why is this work important to me? Well, let me share with you a little about my story...

My life took a monumental turn, after I had a big car accident that nearly took my life. My pelvic bowl and spine were also damaged from this accident.

In that exact same week, I also had a unhealthy one night stand, that led me to question my life and who I was being.

This such was a pivotal moment of my life. I was so tired of the matrix and of the toxic lifestyle I was living at the time.

I was hungry for deeper truth & love, for spiritual sexuality and feminine awakening.

Also, at that time, my period was missing for 3 years. Now I know that this was because of unprocessed sexual trauma and a rejection of my feminine body...

By the grace of God, I was already flying to Ecuador 2 weeks after my big car accident, to my first teacher training, and I begun my souls discovery journey thereafter.

In Ecuador, I embarked on my first Classical Tantra Yoga teacher training. Then, I experienced my first plant medicine ceremony. And, my first womb trauma healing ceremony.

This was the anchoring of my Dharmic path. Since then, I have devoted 6+ years to learning, studying and refining my crafts.

I guide my clients to walk the path of their highest soul expression in feminine business, sexual empowerment and womb awakening.

My work focuses on deeeep feminine embodiment ~ a descension down into the somatic body and the pelvic bowl.

I have now led 11 women's retreats all over the world and created a mulitude of online programs to support feminine awakening.

I also train women ~ to become womb healers, pelvic care practioners and yoni massage therapists in my signature in-person training: "The Womb Healer Facilitator Training".

I look forward to supporting you on your journey. Thank you for being here :)

Woman, this is the time of your pelvic sovereignty.

The time of your creative, fertile and sexual sovereignty.

A path of womb wisdom awaits you...

Why tending to your pelvic bowl is so important:

It has been scientifically proven that we store memories and emotions in our pelvic bowl and body.  The pelvic bowl is deeply connected to our nervous system and vagus system...

Without regular holisitc care, our pelvic bowl tissues, ligaments and organs become congested and then eventually produce symptoms (as a cry for help).

Over time this can create chronic pelvic pain, cycle imbalances, infertility, cysts, endometriosis, period pain, vagina numbness, an inability to orgasm and beyond...

Holisitc pelvic care is focused on both preventing disease and addressing any current symptoms.


This is something that western medicine can't and doesn't offer.

My methodlogy for holistic pelvic care is focused on preventative care ~ looking at the balance of the mind, body and spirit within the context of your life... which I think is so integral for true healthcare.

Every physical symptom that we have, is a manifestation of an energetic stagnancy or unprocessed emotions or built up stress.


And with my gentle guidance, and our 4 core practices in NURTURE, we can slowly bring the pelvic bowl back to it's natural and balanced state.


"Melissa. I felt like sharing my epic news with you today: after 5.5 years of having HPV and lots of painful experiences, I just got the results that I am HPV free!

I avoided getting tested the last months, but found the courage through you and your course. Your magic womb work has brought so much light to my cervix. Thank you for all that you do sister!"



The calls are every Friday (Venus day) for 6 weeks, from 12th April until 17th May. 

Call times: 11am Mexico City time


Call 1: Opening ritual + my new pelvic and pleasure anatomy workshop

We will drop into our beautiful group energy and coven of women. Then I will guide a workshop to take you through everything you wern't taught at school about your internal pelvic anatomy! You'll receive a full hour learning your own inner pelvic landscape and specific techniques to activate and resenstize your vagina's many orgasmic zones.


Call 2: Pelvic bowl & womb alchemy ritual

In this ritual, I will guide you on a somatic healing journey. This is so powerful for alchemising pain or stagnancy stored in the womb, the cervix, the ovaries or anywhere else in the pelvic bowl. It's important to clear old any old energy, so that there is space for fresh blood flow and Chi to pouuur in.


This ritual will also help you nurture a loving and conscious relationship with your womb space.

Call 3: Guided (self) yoni massage journey

This is my number one pelvic care practice! Personally, it has helped me soften tension in my pelvic floor, re-sensitize numbness in my vagina, and (slowly over time) re-invoke my internal orgasms.


I will guide you through an opening ritual space and a beautiful intention setting, a grounding embodiment meditation, a breast massage, belly and womb massage.


Next, I will take you through a guided vagina de-armouring journey intentionally using acupressure points, breath and sound to release internal tension with your wand or your hands.

 We will close with consciously massaging the cervix and releasing any deeper pelvic tension or emotions from this sacred space.

I will encourage you to use the medicine of your own hands for this practice.


Call 4: Cervix healing & awakening ritual

I will teach you a profound workshop on the scientific and spiritual wisdom of the cervix. This information will most definitely blow your mind!


Then, I will guide a ritual, for you to slowly drop into your body, to connect with your cervix via meditation... and to open yourself up to the power, the pleasure and the magic of your cervix.


Afterwards, you'll also receive access to a 24 min cervix meditation to continue on this conscious connection in your personal practice.

Call 5: Yoni egg pleasure practice

A special guided practice to celebrate your full body pleasure with the yoni egg. This will awaken your pussy pleasure and erotic aliveness ~ which is so essential for your pelvic bowl health...


Note: you will need to have a Yoni egg for this practice. You're welcome to contact me if you need guidance to purchase one.

Call 6: Integration + closing ritual

We will take our sweet time to share, to integrate and to journal about this powerful 6 week journey we have been on! We will wrap up with a Q&A with me and I will also share my personal recommendations for integration.


I’m 32 and this is the first time I truly understand what it means in my own body to be a WOMBYN. Be ready to have your yoniverse transformed. Melissa is one of the most amazing teachers I have met, her openness to sharing her knowledge and magic is so rare to come across. Do yourselves + the world a favor and SIGN UP!"

~ Diana Wassef


"Working with Melissa is one of the best things I have did for myself, and the best investment. The knowledge and wisdom from this journey is still alive and is still evolving and blooming.


It changed me, and it helped me to feel whole, accepted, loved from the center. You are breaking the walls, spells, patterns. You burn out the old and stand strongly as a Woman supported by other Women and beautiful Melissa as your guide. I recommend working with Melissa to every Woman!"



I no longer feel at mercy of my endometriosis. I have a greater sense of understanding, connection and empowerment within myself that I can express more freely and proudly. Melissa creates a beautiful and safe virtual space to explore your body and womb space, as well as connecting to other Womxn who are going through similar experiences."

~ SamanthA


 My body is not the same after working 1:1 with Melissa. She held the space for the unfolding of all sensations in my body. I felt so safe being guided by her into feeling the true capacity for pleasure in my body. I continue to use these practices and my pleasure sensations continue to expand in the most satisfying way.

~ Alaina


This program is for all stages of womanhood

𓋹 perhaps you desire to nurture your sexual essence and overall pelvic wellness

𓋹 or you have a specific symptom or sexual trauma you would like to bring deep healing to

𓋹 maybe for your fertility health or pre-pregnancy preparation

𓋹 or your post-natal care

𓋹 or menopausal care

All stages of womanhood are welcome here :)


  • Nurture Pay in full

  • Nurture 2 Month Payment plan

    Every month
    Valid for 2 months
  • Nurture 3 Month Plan

    Every month
    Valid for 3 months

NURTURE is a deep tending to the wholeness of your pelvic bowl and your sexuality.


This nourishment is so greatly needed for women of the world right now.

You deserve this, dear woman ❤️


The longterm benefits of pelvic care:

- It continually activates your creative energy and creativity

- You cultivate a healthly and vibrant womb that is at optimal health for conception and pregnancy


- You begin to feel a sense of sexual wholeness & empowerment 

- It deepens your relationship to your pussy & your pleasure... which will also open you up to have more ecstatic sexual experiences


- It sends fresh blood flow to the reproductive organs and also melts away any pelvic tensions


- Your nervous system will be more consistently regulated (the pelvis is deeply connected to the central nervous system and the vagus nerve)


- It anchors & grounds you down into the ROOT of your body (we spend way too much time up in our heads these days)

- You will continue to unlock your voice, your self-expression & self-confidence (the pelvis & the throat are both energetically & anatomically connected)

And so much more...

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