My name is Melissa. I am a Womb Witch and Feminine Empowerment Artist.


I am a truth seeker, taboo breaker and unraveller of all things profane.


I am passionate about empowering women and womb-bearers to be fully embodied and at home in their creatrix center ~ the womb space!

My journey started a many years ago when I had lost my period for the second time in my life, this time for 2.5 years. I went on a powerful, devoted Warrioress voyage through Latin America to heal my womb and receive my Moon back.

I worked with plant medicine and lived with ancient womb wisdom keepers, and after over a year of consistent deep womb work, I was re-initiated into womanhood with the return of my Sacred Moon Blood.

Everything was different. I newly held the conscious awareness of my cyclical feminine body that I had never been taught how to honor or live in tune with growing up.


That's when I went on another journey, this time within myself. I embarked on my sacred sexual revolution by working deeply with Yoni Eggs, Crystal Pleasure Wands, and in devotion to living in tune with the cyclical 4 hormone phases of the menstrual cycle.


To me, (and hopefully you agree) being a sensually embodied, body literate, orgasmic woman is my birth-right.


I am an active regeneratrix of a new forthcoming world; where the feminine stands high in her rawest, wildest power.

I am here to facilitate the dissolving of feminine compliance and submissiveness.

I am here to help us remember that menstrual blood is the sacred crimson honey that cultivates life into being.





Like a  caterpillar into the alchemic chrysalis, this process is already unfolding and old, outdated misogyny goes into the primordial melting pot:

A fresh paradigm is born.

As one by one, I witness the Womb-bearers around me transform and step into their sexual empowerment and their creative magic.

That, is what I live for.

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