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the Power of the Sorceress

A sorcerer/ess (a Witch or wizard) = is someone who has the ability to source healing power from within themself 🌟

They draw from intuitive wisdom, life force sexual energy, healing plants & tune into universal energy to heal themselves & others. They are the ancient healers & the original alchemists.

They aren’t reliant on anything we don’t already have abundantly available to us on this earth.

These are the people the dogmatic religions feared, killed & ostracised for centuries. Until only *1951 ~ 70 years ago* it was punishable by death in the UK to be diagnosed as a Witch (The Witchcraft Act).

Anyone who was self-sufficient with natures wisdom was a threat & condemned.

In many strongly oppressive religious countries, it’s still severely unsafe & punishable to be a healer, gay, artistic or gender fluid…

We are experiencing something

really profound right now.

In the darkness of this covid cacoon, people have realised there is MORE to life than what was originally packaged up & hypnotically served to us.

People are asking questions. Healers are waking up. Humans are publically becoming sorcerers once again. Numbed Vaginas, Penises & hearts are being reawakened, daily.

People are remembering they have body autonomy & sovereignty.

There’s self-empowerment fizzing

in the air all around me…

I know that passing on these tools for self-empowerment is one of the core aspects of my work here on earth.

Honestly, choosing to invest in your self-empowerment is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself in 2022 & beyond. There are no cons, only pros to doing that work for yourself & your lineage.

Together we spend 1 whole month & module exploring our maternal ancestry of witches & medicine women in 🌹The Venusian Wisdom School🌹. It’s one of the most profound modules, to remember the concealed herstory living inside of our bones.

Together we release any heavy charge living in our pelvis’ or bodies, & reclaim our unique Witch archetype.

You are not powerless. They want us to feel isolated & fearful. But we are not. Every single one of us has the capability to be a sorcerer.

We are stronger together 🤝🌍

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