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The Fascinating Etymology of "Womb" and "Menstruation"

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Did you know that the etymology of the word Hysteria means 'Womb' (Hustera = 'womb-consciousness')?

Also the etymology of the word Menstruation - comes from the ancient Greek “Mene” - “moon” & Root “me” - “to measure in reference to the moon cycles as an ancient & universal measure of time”.

Wombyn have bled in sync with the 29 day lunar cycle since the beginning of time &, it used to be collectively honored as time of Sacred Ceremony.

In any case, shamanic hysteria is a meditative Womb state (often during menstruation) - a state of heightened awareness & consciousness.

Then, make the connection to the procedure “Hysterectomy” - the removal of the Womb. Hysterectomy is one of the top surgery’s in the world which is outrageous.

Essentially the original “solution” to female reproductive imbalances was to remove the Womb & attempt to remove her source of wisdom, her power & her intuitive advantages.

This is not okay. How about we teach Wombyn how to PREVENT female reproductive illness from the ground up? How about we teach them the foundations before we take out their Womb consciousness?

How about in school we teach Wombyn to rise rooted IN their bodies, to honor their Womb, to live intune with their changing hormone & Menstrual cycle?

How about we educate teenagers how to have good sex instead of educating themselves via porn, & escalating the level of collective Womb trauma?

How about we teach about Yoni steaming as a self-healing tool for Yoni issues?

If we taught this from the ground up, Wombyn wouldn’t be emotionally, physically & spiritually rejecting their Wombs, their sexuality, their bodies or their blood as “the curse”. The deeper the disconnect the more it stagnates into reproductive dis-ease.

SO, I call in a potent collective reframe: for all beings to remember that the Womb & Menstrual blood are the Sacred gifts that cultivate life, the life source that we ALL come from!

To have a Womb is a gift. To be a Wombyn is a gift. To hold Hysteria (Womb-consciousness) is a gift. To Menstruate is a gift. To give birth is a gift. To be a cyclical Wombyn is a gift.

Wombyn, remember the magic of who you truly are ~ YOU hold the keys 🗝🔽🧿✨

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