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I can't wait to be a mother

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

I can’t wait to be a mother & celebrate my daughters first period in a special ritual 🌹🩸✨

I can’t wait to teach my children about the wisdom of the menstrual cycle.

I’m so excited to be a sex positive & body positive parent.

I’m so excited to teach them about the sacred power of the womb.

When they get a little older I’ll be so honoured to be able to teach them empowered pleasure & sacred sexuality.

I’m excited to teach them how to love deeply from their hearts & communicate with their loved ones consciously…

I get to show them how to respect & live in union with mother earth & how to self-heal with her herbal medicines.

I’m excited to teach them to believe in themselves & that all their mistakes are beautiful portals of soul growth.

I invested in this work whole heartedly for myself ~ but a majority of it is also in devotion to my children to come.

I am slowly unhooking my ancestral shame, guilt & cellular programming.

I am healing my womb

I am healing my cycle

I am healing my vagina

I am healing my relationship to my body

I am healing my relationship to sexuality…

To also, be able to randomly inspire a woman in the grocery store, or a dude in a spontaneous coffee queue conversation.

Beginning the ripple effect of sharing this wisdom with one woman, who tells another human, who tells another human…

Who tells her sons, her brothers, who shows her husband the way, who carves a new path for their forthcoming family.

All of that ripple effect, came from me….& my journey to become an embodied example of feminine empowerment for all those around me.

A sacred obligation to myself, the world & our forthcoming children.

Not in a way of “preaching” without consent. But instead, to naturally spark a gentle curiousity for those around me, simply through the way I carry myself.

A commitment to do better. To actively re-condition cultural oppression. To remember the ancient ways…

This is everything we are delving into in 🌹The Venusian Wisdom School🌹 The 7 month mentorship journey, to empower your deepest connection with your body, menstrual cycle, sexuality & womb wisdom.

Applications close as we begin on April 1st 🤍

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