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Introducing the Initiation Journey

🌹 Starting 1st September I am holding a 6 week iniation journey for sisters called “The 4 Archetypes of the Menstrual Cycle” 🌹

▽ Week 1 ~ Opening Ceremony

▽ Week 2 ~ Menstruation: The Hermit & The Wise Woman

▽ Week 3 ~ The Follicular Phase: The Maiden & The Warrioress

▽ Week 4 ~ Ovulation: The Mother & The Lover

▽ Week 5 ~ The Luteal Phase: The Shamaness & The Witch

▽ Week 6 ~ Closing Ceremony

Each week we will dive deep into the depths of self enquiry using the ancient & timeless Goddess Archetypes. My intention is to guide you back to loving awareness of your own innate menstrual cycle.

I lost my period for many years in my life. I was also diagnosed with PCOS which I now see was my womb’s way of saying wake the hell up dis-embodied & dis-empowered lady!!!

& after voyaging all over Latin America to uncover the mysteries of the sacred feminine through ancient womb wisdom keepers, I realised all that I had been conditioned to believe about my own femininity was TOTALLY out of whack.

When my menstruation finally returned I was suddenly faced with a woman’s cyclical body that I had no idea how to shepherd & it was overwhelming.

I re-discovered that my wise body worked in these continuously unfolding cycles & rhythms.

I said YES, to being a powerful feminine force of nature & YES, to being cyclical & spirallic. 🔄🩸

The menstrual cycle is deeply mesmerising. The 4 inner seasons that I teach in depth in this course allowed me to remember the wisdom of my body & live in harmony with my constantly changing hormones, my energy levels & bodies needs.

I fell in love with the restorative yin phase of menstruation & the outgoing orgasmic yang phase of ovulation!

I find it incredibly empowering to be attuned with my bodies needs on a daily level, & take back agency of my body literacy instead of handing it all over to another person or doctor.

Unless it’s a life threatening issue, I now know exactly how to heal myself in immeasurable ways. How magic is that!

I have taken back complete autonomy of my own fertility & my own reproductive system ~ & OH MY do I look forward to sharing this birth-right wisdom with you all!

Beautiful artwork by @_kallenmikel🌙

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