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I want to talk about being wild for a moment (or two)

Not “re-wilding”. But awakening the deep rumbling wild already within you. 🌋

I know you have it. It’s the freedom of singing your favorite song at the top of your lungs, or dancing until your feet ache with pulsing pleasure, or standing on the top of a mountain & howling far & wide to your imaginary fellow wolf pack. 🐺

It’s innate in all of us. You know it. And you know the catharsis & freedom being unapologetically wild creates.

I walk the wild path.🔥

I’ll be walking barefoot, drum in hand, & singing ancient lullabies to all those who grace my presence.

I create ceremonies that honour our wild, primordial, ancestral traditions. 🌏

Lately, I am just burning to share those spaces with you MORE. So you can just FEEL it. So I can help you remember.

It breaks my heart that this archaic society has conditioned an overwhelming sense of self-consciousness in us all. Where’s the freedom in that? Where’s the liberation in that? Where’s the integrity in that?!!

People have written to me years later sharing with me that after attending my retreat or ceremony, their whole life has changed indefinitely. That they’ve finally remembered how to connect to themselves, their sacredness, their beauty, & inherently: THEIR WILD. 🌿

I only hold these spaces 2 or 3 times a year, & I truly want you to be a part of this experience because I truly believe it’s your birth-right to feel wild & free (in a personal sense of the words)!

The Sacred Wombyn Retreat location is SO special & it may well be the last time we get to sit around the fire, dance & howl as loud as we want, as my parents are selling our magical home with all the acres of nature! (Sad I know)


So, to celebrate this collective wild awakening (sometimes awakenings can be lonely you know) I have created an offer just for the ones who are itching to enter the wild but are feeling a little timid.

Bring a Woombie friend to The Sacred Womybn Day Retreat on Sunday 29th August & you can both attend for £90 each ~ that’s £21 off EACH! (original price £111)

We have 5 spaces left!

Invest in yourself, I dare you. Meow. 🐆

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