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I FULLY let go of this today

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

A) Constantly hiding my cleavage incase a brother looks at me like a sexual object OR a sister “slut judges” me for unveiling I have breasts (God forbid!).

B) Feeling embarrassed about having larger breasts when they attract unwanted attention from strangers.

C) Releasing shame I have towards the fact that my breasts are NOT “pornstar perky” & instead they naturally, beautifully droop & do not touch in the middle to make a “sandwich cleavage”.

I’ve been cursing my breasts for YEARS, due to ingrained pornographic ideals. I witness SO many sisters I work with who continually curse theirs too.

I feel so fucking passionately about re-wiring our relationship with our feminine’s absolutely integral to self-confidence & growth.

I have worked HARD to love mine & I finally do 😍 but have felt so triggered being here in Mexico & having brothers constantly STARE at them disrespectfully.

Brothers: YES ALL WOMBYN have breasts, just like your mother, just like your sisters & your girlfriends. It does not give you the right to stare at Wombyn’s body’s like a conquest.

Sisters: YES WE HAVE BREASTS, & it is up to the sovereign discernment of each unique sister what she does with them & how she chooses to dress. She is not a threat, she is a SISTER!!!

I wear a tank top because it’s hot here & I am confident in my body..not with the intention to be objectified.

I fully let go of how others judge my breasts & feel deep compassion for anyone who’s not yet able to respect another humans’ body for the sacred vessel that it is.

I will always be an activist against the perverse idealism of porn & the sickness it creates in humans’ minds.

To be Wombyn in the 21st century is a WILD rollercoaster trip, but I will NEVER succumb in compliance to being casually sexualised.

I will always try to seek compassion for humans who still cling to the archaic, toxic, idealisation of a Wombyn’s body.

In Tantra the breasts are called the Bells of Love, which is a profound perspective I much prefer to emanate & embody ❤️

I reclaim the beauty of my breasts exactly as they are. A pretty radical act if you ask me.

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