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🍫 An Ode to Sacred Cacao:

Theobroma Cacao:

Theos ~ Gods

Broma ~ food

= Food of the God(dess) 🤎

Sacred Cacao is an indigenous master healing plant of the ancient Maya lands that came into my life a few years ago as a profound healing medicine for my health, my body, my heart, my womb & far beyond. Drinking 100% pure ceremonial grade Cacao is quite the medicinal ecstatic superior to a casual cup of hot cocoa!

I want to give thanks to all the wisdom keepers & protectors of the sacred Maya lands for opening & sharing with us, with such an open forgiving heart, even after all the harm we have caused to their cultures, people & lands ~ there is still this infinite capacity to share their ancient wisdom & love in a humble way that I will always have so much to learn from.

100% Ceremonial Cacao paste (different to raw cacao powder or 100% chocolate) comes from heirloom Cacao trees, grown with intention on sacred lands, harvested, fermented, dried in the sun, mostly stone ground with intention, the sacred fire, medicine songs & sometimes dancing.

A LOT of energy, love & powerful intention is put into the beautiful cup in your palms as you sit & drink in ceremony.

Drinking in ceremony unfolds a deep healing process. After a few minutes, the tremendous medicinal properties of Sacred Cacao are oozing through your veins & you float into a newfound, cathartic presence with yourself in meditation.

Ceremonial Grade Cacao is one of the HIGHEST nutritionally dense & antioxidant rich beverages on this Earth. Not to mention that it is midly 0.05% psychoactive as an Entheogen & so, it blissfully deepens your connection to yourself, your body, your heart & all that surrounds you through opening the ❤️ immeasurably.

Ceremonial Cacao contains:

~ Serotonin, Dopamine & Tryptophan the “happy” molecules.

~ Phenylethylamine the “love” molecule promoting the heart expanding feeling.

~ Tyrosine the "brain focusing" molecule.

~ Anandamide, an endorphin known as the “bliss” molecule uplifting mood.

& SO MUCH MORE (not enough room to divulge)

To purchase consciously cultivated Ceremonial Cacao please connect to @thecacaoclub@cacaolaboratory@rukuxulew@vaicacao@snehasacred 💓

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