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9 ways I’ve healed my Womb & rebalanced my cycle?

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

🌿Yoni steaming ~ at the very least always just before menstruation & then again after my bleed! I also do this ritual throughout my cycle whenever I’m feeling any specific pain in my pelvis or Yoni.

🤲🏽Womb massage ~ I’ve received both external & internal Yoni massage from healers all over the world & it has been transformational for releasing somatized trauma from my pelvis!

🌵Plant Medicine! I’ve been in both group & 1-1 ceremonies working with Ayahuasca, San Pedro & Mushrooms. In these ceremonies I’ve received some deeply profound hands on womb healing from shamans. One ceremony, I even had a dark discharge (& it wasn’t blood) in my knickers in the morning. Yup ~no shame~ because this stuff really works!

🥚Yoni egg & crystal wand work ~ to re-sensitze numbness, clear trauma & past sexual exchanges from my Yoni. Numbness to pleasure TICK ✔️!

🔽Daily Womb meditation ~ spending 5-10+ minutes a day sending my blessings, my loving presence & light into my Womb, ovaries, Cervix & V•gina.

🙏🏽Yoni Puja & Yoni gazing ~ practicing Yoni gazing in the mirror in a sacred ritual (with candles, incense & some elegant music) can be so healing for shame. I also did a magical group temple ritual with others to bless, honor & worship their Yoni’s too!

🌌Guided visual Womb meditations ~ journey into the Womb in this way is SO powerful for identifying & clearing the root of an imbalance! I believe in the power of these so much that, each week in Menstrual Cycle Empowerment everyone receives a different shamanic Womb meditation (I also share these with my 1-1 clients 🦋)!

🌀Starting my cervical healing journey through de-armouring, cervix awareness meditations, cervix breathwork & Yoni steaming!

🌹 Working with Womb & menstrual cycle plant allies regularly ~ nettle, red raspberry, mugwort (abortive in strong doses), rose, ginger, ashwaganda, cacao, damiana, vitex, shatavari, kava kava & more! Each of these nourishes different aspects of Yoni health & the menstrual cycle, so be sure to do your research or work with a professional💚

What else would you add to this list?

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