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Why take a Menstrual Cycle course when you could just read a book or download an app?

Why take a Menstrual Cycle course when you could just read a book or download an app?

Firstly, books and apps are great. They are a great foundation. 📖

However, I’m sorry to say, that there is NO single app or book that can accurately predict your ovulation or your menstruation.


You are a living, breathing, complexed human with a one of a kind menstrual cycle. Not a walking textbook! 😉

Every single persons menstrual cycle is unique…has nuances, has individual challenges and individual quirks.

Moreover, every single magical Menstrual cycle, each time round, is unique in itself. Therefore = DOUBLE UNIQUENESS. ❤️‍🔥

There is no app or textbook or algorhythm that can teach you how to have personalised body literacy.

Generalising or capitalising the menstrual cycle is so reductive. 💔

What I teach you in this course, is how to understand your own cycle blueprint, how to learn your own biological-signs of ovulation, to track your own cervical mucus, to become sooo aware of your personal cycle patterns & how to look for your own red flags.

What I teach you is how to cultivate an empowered relationship to your ovaries, Womb, cervix, Vagina & Vulva.

I create experiential, safe containers to heal generations of menstrual shame, vulva shame, sexual shame & birth trauma. I am truly in the thick of it, holding you, creating ceremonial spaces for you to shift fear & shame into loving acceptance.

Why walk this path alone, when you could walk it hand in hand with a loving community such as Menstrual Cycle Empowerment: The Online Initiation Journey? 🌹🤲🏽🌏

Here are two quotes from previous graduates that so simply & so sincerely sum it all up:

“I have never felt so connected to myself, ever. So I want to thank you for this from the bottom of my heart, truly and deeply. Thank you.”

“I've never felt this much appreciation for my body, my womb, my pleasure & my blood! I've gone from having painful cramps, long bleeds and short cycles to deeply understanding each sensation of my body and knowing exactly how to serve her (my body).”

📸: @diegocesaryoga

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