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Why do I call myself a Womb Witch?

This year I have been delving deep into the Herstory of The Witch & coming home to my maternal ancestry of Witches.

It has been empowering & simultaneously heart wrenchingly sad to discover the pain of the lineage within my bones & DNA.

The etymology of the word Witch is a little complicated but it’s essentially from Old English “Wicce”: "female magician, female wizard, sorceress". It was later twisted in the 15th century to "a woman supposed to have dealings with the devil or evil spirits".

Witch became a lethal buzzword used in the obsessive massacre of the Sacred Feminine & the subjugation our fertile Mama Earth.

The agenda was to maintain the rising control of the Church’s white male supremacy.

In 1542 Parliament passed the Witchcraft Act which defined Witchcraft as a crime punishable by DEATH☠️

The Witchcraft Act wasn't repealed until 1 9 5 1!

If you even associated with a “diagnosed” Witch, you were often murdered without any fair trial as a “threat to society”.

She, the uncontrollable force of nature, was literally demonized, silenced, censored, drowned, burned & erased.

"Never in history have women been subjected to such a massive, internationally organized, legally approved, religiously blessed assault on their bodies.” Silvia Federici.

After reading the book “Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic.” by @sassylisalister this year, I have reframed & reclaimed the word Witch for it’s potency & truth.

A Witch: A feminine healer, a Wombyn in her creative power, a medicine Wombyn, a sexually sovereign Wombyn🔥

Over 9 MILLION Wombyn were persecuted as Witches who were simply just healers, herbalists, those who spoke up, disobedient wives or Wombyn who lived alone.

All feminine beings are the life givers, creators, manifestors, artists, mothers, healers, nurturers & magicians of this universe.

To me, a “Womb Witch” represents a magician of the female reproductive system🌹

I reclaim the title Witch for the 9 million murdered for being the powerful, majestic, creatrix beings that Wombyn are.

P.S We spend a WHOLE WEEK exploring The Witch archetype in my online course “Menstrual Cycle Empowerment”!💚🧙‍♀️

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