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Why my rose curve pleasure wand is my absolute favorite

A) Firstly, the divinity of having a giant piece of Rose quartz (from mother earth) inside your Yoni is just incomparable

B) You can use the larger end to de-armour, re-sensitise or pleasure your G-zone

C) You can use BOTH ends to de-amour or re-sensitise your Cervix from numbness to pleasure!

D) I had ALL my first internal orgasms using one after being totally numb

E) It’s curved to the follow the natural curve of the Vagina

F) Rose quartz holds the stone frequency of opening the heart, of love & of the sacred feminine (great for lovingly healing trauma)

G) ...It looks fucking badass ⚡️

Get your @yoni_pleasure_palace @rosie.rees Rose curve shipped to you within Europe today without the tax & shipping from Australia 🌎🌹✨

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