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I hope my page opens up doorways within you that you didn’t even know existed

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

I hope it sparks questions from deep within, that you’ve been unknowingly harbouring.

I hope it lifts the veil of illusion and the veil of stale conditioning that we have all been slumbering underneath.

I hope it bridges the sacred with the profane in ways you had previously overlooked.

I hope it causes you to deeply question all the cultural taboos you’ve never even second guessed.

I hope it reveals many “AHA!” moments filled with insight and rememberance.

I hope my page allows you to see there are many more majestic layers to this life than we are taught through surface level elitism, intellectualism, individualism and egocentrism.

As you can see, I am so very connected to myself. When I am connected to myself, I can more easily connect in with you.

We are interconnected to each other,

with the cycles of the Earth,

the cycles of the moon ~ the menstrual rhythm,

the cycles of the sun ~ the masculine rhythmn,

through the elements,

re-absorbing the same primodial waters,

breathing in the same air particles,

recycling the same emotions,

enlivening the same consciousness,

remembering the same universal wisdom,

and dancing to the same very rhythm as the ancients.

I am here to serve myself and my own healing, and then from that wholeness, I am here to serve you, and the collective ❤

So I hope it catalyses you to embark on a deep healing journey within yourself and maybe repattern some of the shitty lies we’ve been told, because there are many!

You met me for a reason. You found this page for a reason. You are reading this for a reason!

You are so very blessed to have the autonomy and resources (unlike the previous generations who mostly did not) to reveal the truth about yourself, your gifts, your unique power, your sacredness and your unique calling on Earth.

As @petajean_ would say: “The Earth is hiring”.

A sacred obligation perhaps, to break the mould ~ not only out of respect for ourselves, but out of respect for the ones to come ❤

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