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How do I track my menstrual cycle, become sexually empowered AND become completely body literate?

The Sympto-thermal Fertility Awareness Method is how!

And guess what? It’s 98.4% effective.

Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) is a foundational practice for natural contraception, womb connection and cycle health 💗

You chart your primary fertility signs on a daily basis ~ basal temperature, cervical mucus/discharge and the cervix softeness and placement.

These are all bio-signs that our wise feminine body intimately whispers to us every day... are you listening? 👂

Using these recorded bio-signs and a few techniques .. you can calcuate with exact detail when you are ovulating, exactly the window of when it’s safe to have unprotected sex and also observe any hormonal imbalances you may be experiencing.

With 0 side effects 😍

That is self-sourced and self-empowered choice making for yourself, your body, your cycle and your sexuality ~ every single day...

Why hand over your sexual and reproductive power to somebody else when your body already shows you everything you need to know to be sovereign and attuned (plus a little extra study)? ❤️

A masculine being is fertile EVERY DAY and feminine beings are fertile for just 6/7 days per 28 day menstrual cycle.. you do the math.

It’s time to take back body autonomy ladies! 🔥

I studied FAM with @wombroot and I highly recommend working with her to become a QUEEN of your feminine body and cycle for the rest of your life.

This is how we move mountains and reclaim the wisdom within our bodies that is already ours. 🌹🌄

Simply flip the script...from unanswered questions and frustration... to self sourced education, aligned answers and action sisters ❤️

Check out @wombroot to get your FAM journey started 🌹🔽🌹

📸: @wombroot

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