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Hello! Know your flow!

The menstrual cycle isn’t just about bleeding dear ones🩸

It’s an innate continuous cycle that the female body rhythmically flows to like the ebb and flow of the ocean tides 🌊

Would you try to keep swimming hard out to sea with the tide working against you? 🥱

I hope not! The ebb is the time to rest, float and have a little juicy reflection time before swimming on with the coming flow 🤔🙏😌🧜‍♂️

Half your menstrual cycle is Yin, half is Yang 🧘‍♂️☯️🔥

We journey through inner-winter⛄️, inner-spring 🌱, inner-summer 🌞 and inner-autumn 🍂 each menstrual cycle ❤️

The key to unlocking inspired creativity and productivity in a feminine body?

Utilising your bodies natural, rhythmic hormone tides of 1/2 doing and 1/2 being for an empowered and blissful menstrual cycle and aligned life ❤️

Join my online course starting 1st September to become the Queen of your cyclic feminine body 👸🌹

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