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Feminine Cycles

Menstruation 🩸 ~ Inner Winter ~ Day 1-6 ~ The Hermit & The Wise Woman ❤️

The Menstruation Goddess who seeks counsel with her inner-guidance and embodies the cycle of death. She, of radical rest.

The Follicular Phase 🌱 ~ Inner Spring ~ Day 7-14 ~ The Maiden & The Warrioress 💛

The Follicular Goddess of rebirth, growth, blossoming and personal power. She, of inspired action.

Ovulation 🌹 ~ Inner Summer ~ Day 15 ~ The Mother & The Lover 💚

The Ovulation Goddess who knows sensual pleasure & ecstasy as her birth-right. The great cosmic giver. The creatrix. She, who glows.

The Luteal Phase 🍂 ~ Inner Autumn ~ Day 16-28 ~ The Shamaness & The Witch 🧡

The Luteal Goddess of emotional alchemy and stern boundaries. She, the wild and receptive force of nature.


This is my moon blood painting I made for my online course on feminine cycles.

Life is a never ending spiral 🌀

Every menstrual cycle is an opportunity to rebirth into yet another version of Self.

It’s time to come home to our bodies.

It’s time to live in tune with the biological, emotional, energetical and physical reality of our menstrual cycle and reclaim the power of cyclical living!

Share, tag, inspire, empower, repeat 🙏 💗

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