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“A huge thank you for your magical Women’s retreat. The Cacao Ceremonies you held were so deeply heart opening, I felt so empowered and safe to express myself. The atmosphere that you create throughout the retreat is so supportive. I especially loved your guided meditations that helped me connect with my inner femininity and bring out some parts of myself that needed more attention. I also loved the authenticity that you brought to the Cacao Ceremony, leaving me so inspired that I now also sing while preparing the Sacred Cacao.” 

Livia, Goddess Cacao Healing Retreat 2019.

“I am still processing all the woah-type stuff - it’s been a trip to observe myself experience the medicinal qualities of Cacao even the day after the ceremony but I will say it blasted me wide open and knocked down some barriers and I’ve connected to myself in a way I haven’t before which was totally divine and unreal.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Melissa for creating such a Sacred day for us to take part in. One of my favourite Ecuadorian adventures so far.” 

Lexi, Goddess Cacao Ceremony, 2019.


“Yesterday was a magical day. I felt like I got rid of a big weight. I opened myself up to playful and loving Cacao medicine. I went through it with so much joy and pleasure that i could see the woman I am becoming, beyond the veil of fear and separation that covers me. I was able to hug this new woman and feel so in her skin, comfortable in her body, with generous curves, fertile, powerful, authentic and ready to shine. I then had the certainty that I have the power and the right to create the life I want, deserving of all the joy and abundance, ready to rekindle my Divine purpose and open myself to let me guide using my vehicles and tools to heal and for others, to give me the world.  - Thank you, beautiful and powerful woman, for so much energy, so much grace, so much love! My heart is fully open and surrendered thanks to you. Thank you Melissa for guiding this trip to the heart!”


Julia, Goddess Cacao Ceremony, 2019.

"Thank you so much for last night! It gave me a lot to think about and it was a beautiful experience. I even started bleeding right as it ended, it was a very poignant moment, thank you."

Flora Campbell, Virtual Goddess Ceremony, 2020.


"I offered my last period to the water yesterday, I have a little creek in the back of my yard. I think this is the beginning of good things and connections to my body. Thanks so much for awakening this for me!"

"I can't wait to teach my 6 year old daughter this [ritual of offering your menstrual blood to the Earth]! You are helping me heal generations back and forward. Many blessings for your sister!"

America Maldonado, 2020


"Dear Melissa thank you very much I really loved the circle last night you created such a beautiful space and I loved all your wisdom that you shared with us. In the last part when we moved and sounded I entered into a beautiful conversation between my mind and heart - I felt a lot of compassion and love in my heart for my scared mind, feeling how she just wants to keep me safe and protect me by running the old patterns and feeling resistance to integrating new changes. I did journal about the whole experience and I feel like something has shifted. I woke up feeling at peace it was wonderful. Deep gratitude. Much love to you."

Martina Vonkomerova, Virtual Goddess Ceremony, 2020.

"Melissa is such a beautiful and kind being. The four menstrual cycle archetypes workshop was filled with so much wisdom and allowed me to tune in even deeper to my body and my womb. Cyclical practices have been intuitively a big part of my life already but connecting them with the archetypes brought more depth and ignited curiosity to dive even deeper into to the wisdom of my womb. Melissa is a gem and being in virtual space felt very present and real. Thank you."

Edyta Halon, on Exploring The 4 Seasonal Archetypes of the Menstrual Cycle, A Virtual Workshop, 2020.

"Dear Melissa, your Women's Circles are for me every time so Magical. You drive with the women so deep into our essence and hold such a powerful, sacred and safe room. I received a lot of tools to connect with my inner Feminine, to the Moon or with the Earth. Some of them are now in my routine and bring me every time deeper into my Divine Feminine.
I feel that you are a treasure full of experience, wisdom and Knowledge. I thank Creation that our lives passed. Thank you for being a Powerful Goddess. All Light and Love Aurelia Feedawie."

Aurelia Feedawie, 2020.


"Before starting this journey, I felt completely disconnected from my feminine energy and my cycle, seeing it as a nuisance, something to ignore, to hide. This course was a journey back into the beauty and truth that lies deep within. It was the initiation into womanhood that I didn’t realize I was missing. It made me so incredibly fucking grateful to be a woman for the first time in my life. And, most incredibly of all, this course has the power to actually make you look forward to your period and cherish this time with the love and devotion it deserves. That wasn’t just the case for me, but for all of the sisters on this journey.

Melissa holds such a beautiful and safe space for you to show up exactly as you are, even with the parts of yourself you usually shy away from in shame. She is so giving of her time and knowledge, sharing so many practices and taking the time to really answer any questions, even outside class. I have never met a teacher that has been so open and giving in my life, and I have met many. I can not recommend this journey enough, whether you are a woman ready to step into her power or whether you don’t even know what being a woman means to you.

You won’t regret it."

Mati ~ Graduate of Menstrual Cycle Empowerment, Fall 2020.

Embodying your cyclical journey is wildly liberating. Melissa is such a gentle yet powerful guide through the mystical, magical and mundane, the cycle of death, rebirth, creation, and composting that we all rise and fall through monthly. Embracing this invites a way to design your life and harness your unique power and gifts to step into you. I really love the mysticism, the exploration of the archetypes, the ancient and ancestral wisdom she invites you to explore and the magic she taps into deep within. This course allowed me to re-imagine patterns and plans in my life and step into my power."

~ Kat, Graduate of Menstrual Cycle Empowerment, Fall 2020.

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