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1-1 Sacred Menstruation SessionS


Are you desiring more personal support and guidance during your Moon Bleed?


I am now opening the portal to offer 1-1 Sacred Menstruation sessions!


Earlier this year a new offering birthed in me and it feels SO INCREDIBLE!


Just by chance, I held two 1-1 coaching sessions for clients who were on their Moon within the space of a week, and I intuitively guided them through their moon time process. 


It was really magical. My clients reflected back to me how incredibly supportive it felt for them, in a way they didn't even know they were missing.

And so, a new amazing offering was created!


In these 1-1 Sacred Menstruation sessions I can:

~ Offer advice and support for pain prevention / relief through herbal medicine or Womb massage


~ Answer any of your unanswered questions about menstruation


~ Help you let go of old limiting beliefs, dispel all the taboos and re-empower you as a beautiful bleeding person


~ Open the space for you to share anything that’s moving through your experience during your bleed


~ Guide a Womb meditation that helps you physically and emotionally release or let go of anything from your previous cycle


~ THEN, guide a Womb meditation that allows you to receive any intuitive insights for your coming cycle and what new seeds you are planting (very helpful for your business too)


~ Guide any relevant feminine embodiment practices to help you connect to your body and your Womb wisdom

~ Share with you any relevant ancient blood rituals, that have been passed down through generations to me through my teachers


It can be as Witchy or as simple and basic as you like! In the end, it’s in service to YOU and to honor your personal Sacred bleed time.


Maybe you just simply want someone to hold the space for you, witness you unfold, let you cry, let go and be there for you for 90 whole nourishing minutes.


Holding this tender space for Wombyn and people who bleed to be held is such an honor.


You are always welcome in any of my spaces exactly as you are in your fullest spectrum of messy, chaotic, depressed, angry, activated, happy, neurotic, inspired, sensual, in love, in joy or however else you are feeling!


If this is something that calls you, even if it’s something totally new for you, book in and together we’ll let the magic unravel!


You do not need to go through this alone. Period pain is very common, but not healthy my loves, and I have SO many tools for healing period pain, forever!

All my heart,


Melissa 🌹🍯🐝

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


“Melissa helped open my eyes to how beautiful my cycle is. During our session together I felt like I fully stepped into a new, empowered version of myself. I had never connected to my womb before but the power I discovered left my whole body tingling.


Melissa holds such a beautiful and supportive space. I really felt held and in the presence of someone who truly cares about sisters. If you are feeling disconnected from your power, book in a session with this angel. You will come out the other side reborn”


Hannah, 2021

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