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Welcome to this guided vagina de-armouring journey, recommended to use with a crystal or glass wand, or even your hands! ☺️ ✋🍆💎


Personally, this practice has helped me soften tension in my pelvic floor, re-sensitize numbness in my vagina, and (slowly over time) re-invoke my internal orgasms!



This is an audio journey of 57 mins, in which I guide you through an opening ritual space and a beautiful intention setting, a grounding embodiment meditation, a breast massage,  belly and womb massage.


Next, I will take you through a guided vagina de-armouring journey intentionally using acupressure points, breath and sound to release internal tension with your wand or your hands.

 We will close with consciously massaging the cervix and releasing any deeper pelvic tension or emotions from this sacred space. ❤️


This audio is with no background music, but I have added a yoni de-armouring playlist especially curated to play alongside this ritual. You are also welcome to play your own music, or to do the ritual in sacred silence!


You can use the code: MELISSASANGER for 15% off your purchase at . I highly recommend using the “Rose Curve Wand” or the “Obsidian Curve Wand”. Those are my personal favourites for de-armouring. I’m also obsessed with the “Squirt Blankets”!



Some incredible benefits of using a crystal wand for de-armouring:


☾ It heals and massages the numbness or tensions of sexual trauma or physical trauma


☾ It re-senstizes the erogenous zones of your Vagina, such as the G-zone and the Cervix... into their multi-orgasmic potential!


☾ The practice builds a reconnection with your Yoni through loving touch, connection and nurture


☾ It brings fresh Qi and blood flow to your sacral area and pelvic bowl (which prevents period cramps too)


☾ You will gradually start to soften your whole vagina and pelvic floor, which creates more lubrication, arousal and sensation


☾ This practice helps to unravel any creativity blockages and opens up your sacral chakra energy in the most remarkable ways!!!


I hope this journey deeply supports your yoni healing and awakening journey!

If you wish to delve deeper into your Yoni awakening journey, I highly recommend joining my 7 month online school The Venusian Wisdom School running from April-November each year.


Much love,


Melissa xxx

Yoni De-Armouring Guided Ritual 🌹

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