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Yoni Puja & Lingam Puja

Have you ever had your Yoni temple adorned with flowers, blessed with prayers, worshipped for it’s sacredness and bowed to in reverence for it’s life giving beauty?

Me NEITHER until my @taotantricarts training in which we created an exquisite temple night of Yoni Puja (Yoni worship).

It has been such a powerful gift to me to heal deeply, culturally ingrained Vulva shame.

In reality, Vulva shame and Cock shame are sadly embedded into the psyches of most modern humans.

We receive sooo many micro messages of how our sexuality “should look” through toxic commercial media and pornography.

We’ve been programmed to think any Vulva is ugly and needs surgery unless it looks like a little girls.

What’s more disempowering, is that internalised shame is probably the biggest “block” to receiving deeper embodied pleasure and orgasm.

Shame arrises when someone (or a series of someones) projects their judgment onto you about a part of yourself.

Sometimes you immediately internalise it, or maybe it slowly seeps into your belief system over many years.

The brain logs this as aspect of yourself as unsafe and the subconscious mind outcasts it into the unconscious or the shadows.

This part of yourself can be be so afraid to be seen again, out of fear.

Usually this leads to a lifetime of unintegrated parts of your body that are actually SO beautifully human and normal.

A magical ANCIENT ritual to heal Vulva or Cock shame? A Puja 🌹🌹🌹✨✨✨

In order to feel embodied pleasure and sensual pleasure, shame really has to be spoken, seen, witnessed and healed through healing practices in safe spaces like a Puja.

It’s just the most divine gift to give to each other and we all deserve it 🙏

Hopefully you feel inspired to create sacred spaces like this for your partners, for your brothers, your sisters and your friends ❤️

Because, hey, who DOESN’T want to feel like they have the royal genitals of Kings and Queens? 🤴👑👸

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