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Together let’s reframe moon bleeding

For the Wombyn of this Earth?

For all the wonderful Wombyn we love?

For our sisters & mothers?

For all our daughters, & ones to come?

...For all of our sakes?

We have the healing power to make the experience of being a Menstruating human beautiful ~ from the inside out ❤️

Together we have the power to shift the collective frequency of Menstruation back into it’s innate Sacredness.

The very same crimson honey we were all born inside 🙏🩸

But it starts with the individual, with you.

We each have the capactiy to be a healing balm for the other Wombyn who still hold such a deep level of shame about an innate part of their own human body.

Last week in my online course Menstrual Cycle Empowerment we explored a whole Module on the magical phase of Menstruation, Ancient Moon blood rituals & our Menarche stories (first bleed).

I invite you to explore the root of the deeper fear behind it “smelling any type of way”. It is mostly likely a projected fear from our environment or your upbringing that you are carrying that isn’t actually your personal belief to begin with.

It usually stems from archaic, misogynistic & puritanical texts. Try reading “Leviticus 15” in the Bible & your jaw will drop in utter shock.

If you wear commercial tampons it’s really toxic for your Yoni & the synthetic chemical materials begin to rot (hence the tampon or sanitary smell ~ not to mention the vile artificial pad fragrances used).

The pure blood itself has a very neutral sweet smell. If it’s healthy crimson red blood it smells quite sweet & a little metallic.

It tastes exactly like the regular blood from your veins.

But at the end of the day my loves, this is the sacred life giving elixir that comes from within the magnificent life giving Womb that we are talking about 🌌🔽🩸

It is only dogmatic religious texts that feared the Wombyn’s Menstrual power, the idea of it smelling is indoctrinated myth.

This myth is heightened by the mass use of ironically quite unsanitary commercial “sanitary products”. What are we even “sanitzing” anyway?! It’s all so perverse.

Get to know 🩸 blood! Look at it! Marvel at it! Taste it! Smell it! Come home❤️

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