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This past year I...

⚡️Prioritised falling in love with myself first & foremost (& oh my did I fall in love 😉)

⚡️Became 1 year sober & substance free

⚡️Experienced my first internal 0rgasms after previously being totally numb sexually

⚡️Entered over 1 year of recovery from binge eating, bulimia & anorexia

⚡️FINALLY fell in love with my body from the inside out

⚡️Celebrate over 1 year of aligning & stepping deeper into my soul purpose as a Sacred Feminine Empowerment Artist

⚡️Celebrated over 1 year of having my Menstrual Cycle & Moon blood back after it disappeared for 3 years

⚡️Launched my first sell out online course on the Menstrual Cycle

⚡️Launched my first podcast platform Fundamental Feminine Wisdom

⚡️Unblocked my throat & sang publically many, MANY times

⚡️Prioritized doing my daily inner-work & self-healing spiritual practices

⚡️Healed my relationship to the Masculine & re-intergrated beautiful men back into my life (after a long period of fear & avoiding men completely)

⚡️Held some EPIC retreats, ceremonies & 1-1 client sessions all over the world

⚡️Completed 8 new trainings & certifications in relation to evolving my sacred feminine work & practice

It has been so fucking spirallic. Seriously. If you knew me before, my life & I were in “a total mess”.

2 steps forward, 1 step back. Every day a whole mind field of an inner journey. Every day a deep alchemic transformation🌌

Every day a new spark of vivid inspiration. Every day a rebirth🌄

Don’t give up! Follow the golden path as it presents itself🍯

Be open to synchronicity. Be open to magic. Be open to facing your fears. Be open to discovering totally new gifts that you’re unravelling every single day.

Find a mentor, heck ~ find many! (I’ve had many to fully support my process this past year)🙏

Follow people that de-program your conditioning, who inspire you, expand your heart & elevate your vision from simply just looking at their page!✨

Embody the very change, you wish to see in the future generations🌍

Be open to new possibilities💫

Be open to life as it unfolds at your very fingertips, remember, it’s always conspiring in your favour..

Make love to life & life will make love to you💛

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