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The Menstrual cycle basics for all the total newbies, clueless boyfriends & awkward dads

A Womb-bearer has two biological hormone clocks ~ the 24 hour circadian rhythm and the 28 day (roughly) infradian rhythmn ~ the Menstrual cycle.

Life is much more AWESOME when you understand what’s going on with 50% of the population...a.k.a people with Wombs, your sisters, your girlfriends and your mum 😉

Day 1-5 ~ Sacred Moon Time ~ Inner Winter

Day 6-13 ~ Follicular Phase ~ Inner Spring

Day 14-15 ~ Ovulation ~ Inner Summer

Day 16-28+ ~ Luteal Phase ~ Inner Autumn

(A note that every Yoni’s cycle is not “a textbook 28 days” but unique but this is just a rough marker for you to go by)

I teach that whatever is happening with the hormone levels is MIRRORED in their creative and physical energy levels!

For example: if the hormones go up = the energy is also going up!

Inner Winter

The hormones are at their lowest, so their physical energy is at it’s lowest.

Inner Spring

The hormones are rising, so their energy rises!

Inner Summer

The hormones are peaking, so their energy levels are peaking!

Inner Autumn

The hormones are fluctuating, so their energy fluctuates. Usually there is a burst of fiery energy at the beginning of this *2 week phase* and then as it get closer to Inner Winter 🩸 their energy drops for snuggly time.

And then we begin again!

I recommend to eat, exercise, work, create, play and socialise different in each phase to live optimally in union with the power of the hormone cycle (which we dive deeply into how in my “Menstrual Cycle Empowerment Online Initiation Course” ~ which’ll be running again in the Fall of 2021) ❤

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