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Let's talk Sacred Sex

“Truly, at the peak of orgasm, we pierce through the illusion of fragmentation and separation, and glimpse the unity and interconnectedness of all beings.”


Margot Anand

Tantra is one of the only spiritual paths that embraces our sexuality as pure Divinity. It is one of the only paths that unites sex and spirit, instead of separating and condemning them into the mirky shadows of pedophilia, assault or pornography...

Tantra is a path of finding ultimate presence through the human senses.

Whether it’s feeling the presence of God in the textures of musical genius.

Or embracing God by eye gazing into the depths of another soul.

Or experiencing God through the ecstatic waves of a cosmic, full body orgasm.

Tantra doesn’t neglect any part of the human experience, it embraces the beauty of human sexuality for its transformative life force power.

Entering into a full body orgasm with pure intention, meditative breath and embodied awareness is simply a portal to bliss ~ a portal to God!

In that moment nothing else exists but oneness. Nothing but nowness.

That healing power comes from deep within you, it is never lost, and it is just longing to be awakened.

Kundalini Shakti has been asleep in us all, and upon her awakening, we become alive again with creative life force energy.

An inner vibrancy for life: FINALLY!

The paths of Taoism and Tantra are a remembrance that we ARE that very divinity, that we seek outside of ourselves in endless consumerism.

After all, nature is just one big orgasm making love to itself in every moment...

God is not up in the heavens Beloveds.

God exists inside your very own body and in every part of you that has been shamed by a system that fears the empowerment and liberation of self-actualisation.

YOU are the heavens. A perfect blueprint of God in motion. A walking, talking piece of Divine poetry.

And life is a banquet of bliss at your fingertips...

Don’t you see?

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