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My vision for creating this magic meditation bundle, is to offer an affordable resource for my community to deepen your womb healing and awakening journey!


This bundle includes 7 epic meditations:


1. Initiation into menarche meditation ~ An empowering re-initiation into your first bleed and re-connecting to your maternal lineage meditation


2. A daily womb meditation ~ An incredible 17 minute guided meditation that you can use each morning (or whenever you feel throughout your day) to connect to the magic of your womb... You can use this meditation to connect into your womb wisdom, release any energetic blockages or physical tension, and to manifest your desires through your womb portal!


3. Womb roots meditation ~ Re-connecting your Womb with the Womb of the earth, releasing any trauma from your womb-space and offering it deep into the core of the earth. Such a  powerful one!


4. A pelvic awareness meditation ~ incredible for healing pain or trauma stored in the womb, the cervix, the ovaries or anywhere else in the pelvis. This mediation also helps us build a loving and conscious relationship with our wombspace!


5. Reconnecting heart and yoni meditation ~ reconnecting what the matrix separated within us.. our heart and our sex centre! This is the most delicious and nurturing meditation, and it will forever change the way you radiate in your  feminine body!


6. Obsidian yoni egg sacred rage ritual ~ Using the alchemical power of obsidian to transform rage, grief, trauma and tension from your Yoni. I use this meditation in my luteal phase when i'm experiencing frustration or anger, I use it during breakups, I use it when I'm healing sexual trauma.. and beyond! This is a must have in your toolbox!


7. Sacred moon time meditation ~ This is a special meditation to use each time you have your sacred bleed. It will support you to receive deeper insights about what you are release from this blood and this menstrual cycle... and then eventually to intuit what you are stepping into in your next cycle! I use this every month, to receive all my life and business insights!


Happy womb awakening! Xxx

The Womb Healing Meditation Bundle

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