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This is for those who have begun their womb healing & awakening journey & desire to go a layer EVEN deeper...

What you will learn:

~ What actually is the Holy Grail?

~ Mary Magdalene & The Grail Mysteries

~ The importance of ancestral womb healing

~ How to build a relationship to your womb as a sacred chalice

~ The holy blood & the holy grail...

~ A personal story: How I recently dissolved a 6x6cm ovarian cyst with my own holistic knowledge & tools (a cyst might I add, that the doctors said I had to go into an immediate surgery for)  - and how YOU have the power to do the exact same.

~ Learning the self-healing tools to be able to heal ANY symptom that presents itself in your pelvic bowl

~ And finally, how to begin to guide others, as a wayshower for womb healing in your community (if this calls you).

Sister, if you know you are here to be the one who ENDS womb disconnection in your maternal lineage - this masterclass is for you.

We will dive deep into the ancient womb mysteries, as well as modern somatic pelvic healing practices.

You will walk away with an even deeper spiritual connection to your pelvic bowl, and with the knowing of how to heal any symptoms which arise in your reproductive system.




With this purchase you also receive a special google drive meditation box, in which you'll receive:


- My new cervix awakening meditation

- A powerful pelvic bowl meditation

- A daily 17 minute womb meditation

- My guided Yoni de-armouring practice & a ritual playlist

The Holy Grail Masterclass

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