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In this lecture I take you through everything you wern't taught at school about your pelvic bowl, vagina and pleasure anatomy.


You'll receive 1 hour and 50 minute workshop - to learn your own inner pelvic landscape and specific techniques to activate and resenstize your vagina's many orgasmic zones.


I teach both scientific anatomy knowledge ASWELL AS mystical tantric pleasure wisdom.


My clients have shared with me that this lecture was completely lifechanging and incredibly empowering for them, and requested that I put this up in my shop ~  so that their friends and partners could watch it too!


This is invalueable wisdom that every Yoni-keeper should know about themselves!


I hope this masterclass gifts you deep self-empowerment, self-knowledge and self-discovery, so that you no longer feel in the "dark" about the infinite power between your thighs!

(NEW) Pelvic & Pleasure Anatomy Masterclass

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