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Ancestral Financial Alchemy is 3 deeply transformational calls infused with mindset work, somatic (embodiment) practice and ancestral unravelling.


In total, it's 6.5 hours of *mind, body & ancestral* healing for your relationship to money.




After doing so much money mindset work that wasn't really "working"... I began to search even deeper (classic Melissa).


Then I discovered, how your somatic body influences your relationship to money. I dove deep into the money stories I held inside of my body (that were held as somatic contractions), and started to slowly digest, integrate and liberate them.


Then - I discovered ancestral financial healing, and this blew my mind. I finally had context for why I behaved the way I did with my finances - mostly on autopilot. Can you relate to this?


It's been a very deep personal transformation - and now i'm ready to share this medicine with you!


- P.s I've found that the mindet work DOES work - but in tandem with the somatic body work and the ancestral healing too. 


So now i'm giving you the secret sauce,  all 3 put together!


In this journey, I will be guiding you on how to become aware of the deep money patterns inside of your ancestral lineage.


Then, you'll begin the process of liberating these patterns from your lineage & stepping into your soul wealth blueprint ~ of who YOU came here to be.



CALL 1: Ancestral financial healing deep dive (this transmission will blow your mind!)

CALL 2:  Somatic money healing ritual

CALL 3: Venusian wealth codes



My mission in 2024 is to create a collective of well-pleasured and well-resourced women. Who're healthy and wealthy, inside and out... ;)


I know when we walk this mission together, we will feel our maternal lineages applauding from the heavens!


This work is for them too. We get to become everything, many of them could never be.  


We get to become the first...


Successful entrepreneurs 

Independently financed women

Well-pleasured and well-resourced women

And sexually empowered women 


...of our maternal lineage.


How profound is that?


If you're devoted to becoming a wealthy woman in the next years ~ irrespective of your financial context ~ Ancestral Financial Alchemy will change your life.


I invite you to see this as an extremely accessible opportunity to receive this work. 


So, get ready to consciously invest your time and your money... into your future greatness baby! ❤️‍🔥


This is going to be a whole new chapter of wealth...

Ancestral Financial Alchemy Mastercourse

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