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You know what?

💔 I used to think I was asexual, & had been cursed with a low libido

💔 I used to believe that sex only ended with male ejaculation

💔 I never even knew that female internal female 0rgasms even existed

💔 I used to be so disconnected with my Yoni I had completely rejected her

💔 I never knew my own female anatomy or pleasure anatomy

💔 I though it was normal to have debilitating cramps that had me in bed every bleed

💔 I thought a Menstrual Cycle was just a period that rocked up each month

💔 I had never even looked at my own vulva, out of disgust & ingrained shame

💔 I was so embarrassed to bleed I hid tampons up my sleeve

The list goes on...

Ha! What bullshit ~ ALL OF IT!

What a journey I’ve been on to transmute all of that archaic nonsense into a blissful, reverent relationship with my Yoni & the beauty of my $exuality.

All those fallacy’s that were ingrained in me from back when I was a little girl. I wish I could tell her how Sacred the Yoni is.

When I hold my Womb I am holding the Womb of all of younger versions of myself.

Travelling backwards I am connected to every single Womb of my maternal linegage.

When I heal, I am scientifically healing genetically 7 generations forward. Wow, what a gift! & what a responsibility!?!

What a honor it is to be walking this path of Sacred Feminine empowerment, that can & will change the imbalance of humanity.

I see that change every single day. It’s how I wake up in the morning some days, remembering the progress, remembering the Womb awakening that is taking place at my very fingertips, remembering the celebratory moon blood rituals Wombyn are partaking in & remembering all of the undulating 0rga$m$ that Wombyn are FINALLY HAVING after centuries of censored bullshit.

& a big dose of gratitude to all the Men who are waking up to this magic too, we can’t evolve alone, only together in union ❤️

This is why I created “Menstrual Cycle Empowerment: The Online Initiation Journey” an 8 week initiation into all the Sacred Feminine wisdom you were never taught, & that which will transform your life forever.

We start February 15th~ 11th April 2021.

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