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Yoni De-armouring

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

So, you know how builders & chefs can get really tough, callous hands because of the work they do?

Helena Anista @helenanista once explained to me that the hardening of the Yoni & cervix can be similar…

After years of unconscious, unconsentual sex & “pounding”…the cervix creates layers of hardness to protect itself. A.k.a ~ armour!

Very clever of the Yoni really!

But this means we can, in turn, lose all of the epic sensitivity, connection & orgasmic potential of our Yoni.

The fallout can be numbness & disassociation, which is far too common.

There are many ways to de-armour… it’s a process of slowly opening & de-layering the Yoni like the petals of a Rose 🌹 ~ in a very safe space & with complete loving awareness…

The 3 ways I love to de-armour are: internal Yoni massage (with hands & acupressure), crystal wand massage & Yoni steaming!

I personally believe professional spaceholding or facillitation is required to really open up to the deepest Yoni healing in this context.

I need to be honest, because there are specific massage & breathing techniques that support this process in the most nurturing way possible.

Deep memories can come up & layers of old sexual shame are shed.

It can ALSO be a really beautiful, blissful & pleasurable experience for a Yoni-keeper.

If you feel confident in being able to shepherd yourself in that journey, I deeply bow to you.

Me? Personally I always love to have a guide or facilitator to hold the space & light the way (in all things really!).

With love,


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