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She’s freedoms vibrant laugh,

She’s irrevocably magnetic,

She’s the leaf tangled in unruly hair,

She’s fiercely feral and wonderfully wild,

She’s a fountain of bubbling springs,

She’s the dexterous Black Widow,

She’s the swaying of Sunday bliss,

She’s the electric blue hummingbird,

She’s the creatrix of elemental collision,

She’s the deep roots of the Oak tree,

She’s the weaver of Gaia’s tapestry,

She’s the so slow and so thoughtful snail,

She’s the intuitive gateway of the High Priestess,

She drips the crimson nectar of menstruation,

She holds the ancient keys of the womb,

She’s the fertile portal to all that is,

She’s the Moon beams luminous glow,

She sits at nourishments open window,

She, that is so blissfully vulnerable,

She, the great cosmic giver,

Offers you all of her heart,

And, all of her soul,

For wholly nothing in return.

~ M.S

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