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Why should I forgive?

Well, firstly, to journey to where I am in my life, I had a lot of forgiving to do. (And self-loving!)

I chose to forgive the people of my past

I chose to forgive the masculine

I chose to forgive the feminine

I chose to forgive my parents

I chose to forgive my ex-partners

I chose to forgive the patriarchy...

...& mostly importantly: I had to forgive MYSELF (Still working on that one 😘).

Maybe there’s someone who has passed onto the other side that you never expressed the truth of your heart with.

It can be so inflammatory for the mind & body to hold onto old resentments, suppressed anger or emotions. It's an inner disharmony that can silently eat away at you.

I realised that I was holding myself back from living my life at the fullest by not forgiving.

Forgiving = forward giving.

I was the *only* thing holding myself back from my own wholeness. 

The unintegrated, tattered stories in my head were the only damn things in my own damn way!

I tried to heal alone in meditations, & it works, but only up to a certain point.

Some of the deepest, most transformative forgiveness I ever did, was when another guide held the space for me to create a powerful ritual out of it.

I sought out safe containers created by other healers, so I could actually discover & express the deeper reasons of WHY I couldn’t quite yet let go, & move on, & ultimately…free myself.

Now, I have been gifted an abundance of tools, rituals, & practices to actually nurture the process of forgiveness.

The more I enter into these rituals of forgiveness, the more peace I have within my mind, the more harmony I have within my body & the more wholesome I feel within my heart.

Something about the group container seems to enhance the metamorphosis…

It’s rare, to find the safe spaces that I am describing, to be guided in the ritual of forgiveness.

That’s why I started to create spaces like this for you.

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