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What’s your relationship to pleasure?

I am talking the full spectrum of pleasure...

ALL the way from feeling the bliss of the sun on your skin, to sensually eating a mango with your eyes closed, to brushing your fingertips over your skin until you have goosebumps, to moaning as you eat chocolate, to lovingly massaging your breasts with rose essential oil, to surrendering to the ecstasy of a cervical orgasm, ALL the way to vibrating sexual energy up your body towards your crown in a full body internal orgasm⚡️

It starts with the simple acts, the simple celebrations of pleasure in day to day life, before we can climb the mountain to receiving sexual ecstasy.

It starts with self-pleasure and carving out the time to worship your own body, to heal numbness, to feeeeel yourself as your own lover.

It starts with breast massage to open your heart. It starts with Yoni gazing in a mirror and truly accepting the beauty of your anatomy.

It starts with self-yoni massage as an act of self-care to release old trauma you just don’t need to carry any longer.

The common thread? There is no goal. There is just a never ending unfolding A. There is no B.

That is where a productivity obsessed society fucked us over. It robbed us of beingness. Where we now shame beingness and presence with our bodies = unsuccessful and unproductive.

Sexual energy is life force energy! It’s creative energy!

What’s the point of A > B creative productivity if it’s just a numb autopilot and nobody’s *feeeeeeling* the natural bliss of the process?!!

What’s your relationship to receiving pleasure for prolonged periods in a world of quick fixes?

The art of Tantric sex is a blissful dance between bodies that has NO GOAL (Semen retention is the key here).

It’s a deep healing journey for me, that forever unravels. That’s why I added a whole new module in my online course MENSTRUAL CYCLE EMPOWERMENT where I share for a whole week how to re-define feminine pleasure from the ground up.

I’ll tell you now, it’s life changing 😉

We start 15th February ~ 11th April.

Early bird ends in 7 days ⚡️

Are you in? 🔥

Melissa 🌹🐝✨

📸 by the one and only Wizard @diegocesaryoga

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