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Welcome to Cyclical Melissa Town!

A sassy and sacred place where the 28 day female hormone cycle is as equally revered as the 24 hour masculine hormone cycle. Yes, Wombyn have 2 biological clocks!

Prepare to have your life, your relationships and your business CHANGED FOREVER 😈 🔄🙏

Disclaimer: there is no reset button upon awakening this Divine knowledge 👁

Think of me as a Witchy scientist, I’ve got all the areas thoroughly researched (for the scientists) AND organically intuited (for the Witches and Wizards).

If you bleed, your body is cyclical and your hormones are cyclical. Let’s work in ALIGNMENT with that, not against it, because the menstrual cycle holds so many powerful gifts (have a read and you’ll see why)!

Share this with as many as you can, to start the butterfly effect 🦋🌬

Cyclical Wombyn, I’ve got you. You are not alone in this. I am here to remind you that your body holds the ancient wisdom of cycles, as old as this very Earth 🌎❤️🔄🌀

Wombyn are the holy source of life. All the ancient ancestors KNEW. How did we forget that for almost 2000 years? 💔

Happy Wombyn’s Day to all the beautiful blooming Roses who are devoted to this sacred path of remembering.

Our time of togetherness has come 🌹🌚🌌

Today I started my Moon Bleed 🩸 and I couldn’t feel more blessed to be a Wombyn on this Earth 🙏

All my love,

Melissa 🐝✨

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