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The Menstrual Cycle: The Goddess Archetypes

The archetypes are such a powerful way to explore, excavate and express all the unique flavours of yourself.

The Goddess archetypes are ancient symbols that are infinitely timeless and rich in primordial wisdom.

I just fucking love them.

I get to be all of these incredible flavours of myself each month as a cyclical Wombyn and harness the yin and yang of my hormone cycle.

Meet me day 12 in my follicular phase: I am one heart opening, bold, flirtatious and socially confident Melissa...

Meet me day 22 in my luteal phase: I am one wild, firey and highly receptive Melissa...

You’ll be lucky to meet me around day 29 because I am tucked away as the Crone in my introspective Hermit cave...

This is the cyclical magic of being WOMBYN. ⚡️

Every week in Menstrual Cycle Empowerment (we start for 8 weeks next week on 15th February!) we explore these potent Goddess archetypes and what they can symbolise or teach us within the intricate depths of our personal life.

I also did a guest workshop with @rosie.rees on the @yoni_pleasure_palace Golden Yoni Membership (an incredible monthly Yoni empowerment membership I highly recommend that has changed my life) ALL about the wisdom of the menstrual archetypes and cyclical living ❤️

It lights my fire to explore and surrender to the full spectrum of my femininity every day.

It equally lights my fire to guide unearthing and celebrating the full spectrum of YOUR unique femininity... it all of it’s raw and untamed beauty. 🌱🌹🍂🩸🔄

Apply to Menstrual Cycle Empowerment at:

All my love,

Melissa 🌹🐝✨

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