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The Magnetic Follicular Phase 🌹🌒🌟

I’m day 13, in my follicular phase & deep in my inner-spring 🌱

In this phase I embody the archetypes of The Maiden & The Warrioress.

Hormones are rising: my energy levels are RISING🌪

Element: Air ~ Elevation, Rising, Expanding.

In this phase I am moving into extroversion, productivity, dynamism, action, socializing, magnetism, strength & flourishing new projects.

The initiation of this phase is rebirth, renewal & creative expansion.

The initiation of The Warrioress is personal power, boundary setting, discernment & courage.

The initiation of The Maiden is the blossoming of her heart, whilst simultaneously embodying her erotic innocence & her strong boundaries.

A quality where both The Maiden & The Warrioress deeply interweave is their radical ease with independence, & their readiness to voyage near & far to achieve their mission ~ whatever that mission may be.

They both hold the highest vibrations of radical self worth. They know what they want & what steps they need to take to get it.

They take profoundly intuitive risks, dare to be different & exude courageous energy.

In their healthy elements The Maiden & The Warrioress are powerful feminine forces not to be reckoned with.

However, The Maiden has been slain & twisted in many patriarchal stories.

Snow White: a helpless, powerless & dormant doe, waiting to be rescued by her charming prince ~ only upon her rescue, will she jolt alive & be a happy woman!

Another ubiquitous shadow version is the weak & weady “damsal in distress”.

The “runaway” immature aspects of these archetypes can be naive, unaware of their boundaries, codependent, people pleasing, a feeling of unworthiness & full of inertia.

Wombyn have been trained to remain small, submissive, sexua((y compliant, fearful, quiet, we have been disconnected from our Wombs, disconnected from our POWER, our passions & our inspirations.

A “Virgin” Maiden literally means "a woman unto herself”. A Wombyn who’s self sufficient & self empowered. A Wombyn who’s unapologetically & sexua((y soveirgn!

It’s time to STEP UP darling!

Every follicular phase you have the potential to awaken your MOST magnetic self💛

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