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The beauty and magic of the sacred feminine is far too vast for the modern matrix mind.

The womb is the holy centre of creation.

Our blood holds the keys to life’s existence.

Our sacred crimson honey carries the infinite power of the Sacred Feminine.

Each bleed, we come home to that raw healing power over and over again,

The mystery of life, death and rebirth that forever spirals in the womb. 🌀

The 29 day menstrual cycle echoes the cycle below and within,

The 29 day lunar cycle echoes the cycle above and without.

We are an embodiment of the pearl Moon.

We are a mirror of the great cosmic chaos.

The infinite void of the universe,

Mirroring the infinite void within the womb.

We are the vessel of pure medicine.

We enclose the portal of life and death, within our sacred womb. 🌹🔽🥀

We are the first medicine,

We are the sacred blood you blossomed from,

We are the womb you grew within,

We are the vulva you gasped your first breath from,

We are the breast milk you nourished from,

We are the first body you called home.

So take a bow to the beauty of that home,

And with humble respect, with humble reverence...



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