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Read the colour & consistency of your moon blood as a monthly hormone report!

If it’s CRANBERRY-RED smooth like melted coconut oil, with little to no clots: your hormones are balanced & healthy! WOO!

If it’s PURPLE-BLUE colour, with big clots & clumps: your Estrogen levels are too high in relation to Progesterone, causing the lining to be thicker than normal. This causes stronger pre-menstrual symptoms, mood swings, stronger cramps & depression.

High Estrogen levels can lead to fibroids, cysts, or endometriosis, thyroid dysfunction, breast or ovarian cancer!!

If it’s PINK, especially on the 1st & last days of your moon: low estrogen! Low estrogen means the lining can never start building properly from the get-go. Low E can also cause short menstrual cycles & difficulty conceiving.

Estrogen is the happy hormone that makes you to feel bubbly & social for the 1st half of your cycle, leading up to a burst of sexual energy during ovulation! Low levels have the adverse effects…

Insufficiency may cause osteoporosis & heart problems later in life.

Low estrogen may cause many issues in perimenopause & menopause: loss of skin elasticity, vagina dryness, low sex drive, hair thinning, depression & anxiety.

If it’s BROWN like PRUNE JUICE, especially at the beginning: low Progesterone! Progesterone rising causes the second layer of the uterus lining to build in the 2nd half of your cycle, then Progesterone drops & the lining sheds to bleed.

With low Progesterone, the uterus lining can never fully shed! Therefore old oxidised blood in the Womb turns brown & eventually sheds in a future bleed.

Progesterone as a hormone is like a chill pill, with not enough you can have higher anxiety.

If you are trying to conceive, lower progesterone makes it harder to maintain pregnancy during the first trimester!

Low progesterone causes mood swings, issues concentrating, hot flashes, headaches & trouble sleeping.

OTHER: if you experience short or long cycles, irregular cycles, erratic bleeding or spotting, your cycle is longer than 7 days OR your periods are missing altogether ~ then your body is speaking loudly to you! It’s time to summon wise health action.

These are major red flags that the hormones are off whack. Or perhaps there has been a sexual trauma that has led to a disassociation with your body & womb.

Both of these were the case for me before I healed myself & so, I would love to support you in this beautiful reharmonising & reconnection journey ❤️

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