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"Pleasure": A word so powerful, I have to code it on Instagram...

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Embodied pleasure: the rich experience of making love to life through each of the senses. An embodiment so very simple and fulfilling that we no longer seek reliance on capitalistic, external gratifications.

Sex. A word incessantly censored from every social media platform.

Sacred Sex: an

experience so powerful that it can lead to altered states of consciousness & self-actualisation.

Orgasm. A w

ord that is deemed blasphemous by the robots of silicon valley.

Full body orgasm: a conscious journey so powerful that it can crack us open into an expansive rebirth.

One that can liberate and pour out the healing tears of emotions we’ve been numbing in addictions, for years.

Conscious embodied pleasure, sacred sex & fully body orgasms = a threat to the system as we know it.

They are the keys to self-knowledge.

The keys to self-discovery.

The keys to awake


The keys to internal joy.

The keys to self-healing.

The keys to your own body’s sovereignty.

They are the keys to self-sourcing…instead of “out-sourcing” to strategically designed addictions.

Cleverly marketed addictions (alcohol, porn, drugs, Netflix, pharmaceuticals) that keep us disconnected from the magic of our BODIES and the magic of life, right here, on EARTH. 🌎

Sexual energy is the essence of life. 💫

Yes. It has been used destructively by the patriarchy in the past, but it can also be utilised to consciously CREATE & HEAL.

It starts with you, right now, today.

When we remember that we can be intentional and heal ourselves & others with this very sacred force, EVERYTHING changes.

As individuals, we hold immense personal power. We hold the opportunity to heal many generations before us AND after us…

We hold the keys. We get to decide. We hold the sexual power to invoke great change.

It starts with you, and your choice.




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