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My Breast massage story 🌹

Last week, in my breast massage practice, I realised something quite profound.

For 6 years, I’ve had quite a large benign cyst in my left breast next to my heart & I realised, out of the blue, it has completely disappeared!

I stopped in my tracks, I found myself searching for something that was simply not there..

The doctors always told me to keep an eye on it incase it became cancerous, so I was always on edge.

Why did I have a lump in the first place?

I was on the contraceptive Merina coil back then, which can increase your risk of breast cancer (& increase risk towards many other dis-eases).

I also stopped using spray can deodorants, which are full of toxic chemicals & block your lymphatic drainage system (which helps fight infection & dis-ease).

I used to wear padded underwire bras, which are so incredibly stagnating for lymphatic & breast health (THROW THEM ALL OUT!).

In Tantra, the breasts are called the Bells of Love, as the extensions of the heart space.

After now 3 years of breast massage practice, healing my heart in both guided meditation, a 10 day silent retreat, tuning forks, heart opening breathwork, hours of heart opening Yoga poses & so much more, I now can see the potency of doing this work regularly!

In 2020 I had chronic physical pain & a burning pain in my heart all year long; from the political to the personal.

The first year of the lockdown made the pain unbearable & the cysts actually grew larger at one point from the stress. I thought I was doomed!

That’s why I was so surprised to find them gone after 6 years. It was like a magic trick! A miracle!

Breast massage is imperative for lymphatic drainage, endocrine health & for continually releasing stuck emotions in the heart-space.

Wombyn give SO much, we are the great cosmic givers, the nurturers, we offer our hearts all day long in service to the world.

For me, it’s also a practice of giving back to myself through presence, healing touch, loving awareness & acceptance.

I share these practices with joy with my 1-1 clients & my online course Queens!

I hope this finally inspires you to start your own practice my loves ❤


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