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Most days, I schedule pleasure before business

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Want to know how to make love to life? Or how to live more deeply in your sensual pleasure?

Pleasure is not just sex. I’m talking about receiving ALL of life from a sacred pleasure perspective. Big difference.

Start to receive life through this sensual lens & reinvoke all of your senses.

This sensual upgrade is going to make your human experience INFINITELY more profound.

It starts with the small things throughout your day:

🌹Regular deep cathartic exhales with sound

🌹Sensual & mindful eating (phone off, no talking & all the authentic mmm noises)

🌹Touch & caress your skin often (this releases so many endorphins & stress relief chemicals)

🌹Make expressive sounds (ooo, ahhh, mmm) whenever something enlivens your experience

🌹Put on a sexy song each day & move your hips unapologetically!

🌹Add in a 5 minute self massage each day ~ become intimate with your own skin

🌹For Wombyn self breast massage is the KEY

🌹Wear clothes & fabrics that make you feel sexy

🌹Breathe deeply into your pelvic bowl many times a day & exhale with sound

🌹Connect to the simple bliss & medicine of all the elements: receive warm sun on your skin or feel the texture of the earth under your feet

🌹Laugh, laugh & laugh MORE (fake it until you make it)

🌹Wear natural essential oils like rose, ylang ylang, vetivert, jasmine or any others that turn you on!

MOST importantly: cultivate a slow & sacred self pleasure practice that DOESN’T involve explosive orgasm or ejaculation; simply an act of celebration with your body.

This way we can learn to hold pleasure all throughout the body without needing to release it or get rid of it.

Learning to channel that pleasure up into your heart space is so healing.

After a little practice, it’s an extremely energising & powerful way to start your day (the BEST natural Coffee).

By imbuing yourself with little acts of pleasure throughout the day, it naturally seeps into your intimate acts of sacred sex or self-sex with ease.

It’s not trying to achieve pleasure as a goal or something outside of yourself, it’s recognising that you already are a being of IMMENSE pleasure. It’s a rememberance ❤️

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