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Moon Blood is a life creating elixir that is nutrient dense & magically powerful

10 september 2020

Let’s have a look at some Moon blood facts:

• X7 more iron than regular blood

• X50 more calcium than regular blood

• high amounts of amino acids

• high amounts of unique & powerful stem cells

• macro nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus & potassium (the key ingredients to any natural plant fertiliser btw)

Each cycle the body puts all of it’s best nutrients into the endometrial lining to prepare for nourishing a being into life.

So do you really think it would put nasty ‘impure” things in there? Quite the opposite... 💫

There is some incredible research & studies happening right now with the unique stem cells found in menstrual blood which are being used as radical regenerative medicine for life threatening diseases.

These stem cells are called Mesenchymal (MSCS) contain an incredible self renewing capacity in a non-invasive way that is not so present in other stem cells!

What’s not to love people ?! ❤️🩸✨

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