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Let’s talk about period pain

19 september 2020

Period pain & PMS are common but NOT normal & are indicative of chronic, sometimes serious underlying health issues! This is nothing to worry about but it’s your body’s wise way of summoning healthy ACTION ❤️ Recently I came across a CBD oil for soothing menstrual pain. Their advert had a woman saying “I could go about my day as if I WASN’T on my period...” This is really negative & unhelpful propaganda, making women feel like they should have male bodies to exist in this high drive society. Menstrual bleeding is SO SACRED! It’s a sacred time of deep radical rest & intuitive reflection revered by ancestors of all cultures for 100,000’s of years. These types of micro-messages about an innate aspect of the feminine cyclical body are sewn into our psyches daily, until we think they are the “normal” experience. It’s important to remember that women’s health has been categorically, systematically ignored for centuries. After a little self-work, menstruation can be so beautiful & blissful. As a menstrual blood activist & menstrual cycle awareness coach, re-education is so important in the empowerment of young women ❤️ The pain is a messenger ‼️ The pain can come from imbalanced hormones, from high amounts of driven & stressful uncyclic living, from using commercial tampons, from the level of toxic beauty products women are using which ends in the blood stream & affects hormone balance, from an unhealthy diet, from lack of regular fresh blood flow in the pelvic floor & the list goes on... The pain can also be a result of sexual trauma or birth trauma, this causes the Yoni & pelvic floor to be cold, stagnant or stiff, until resolved. All of these can be tended to with care, with simple things like building a loving connection with your womb, regular womb massage, yoni herb steams, a yoni egg practice, or certain supportive hormone balancing herbs. Lastly, the pain comes from living out of tune with the cyclical hormones, that a womens body is constantly moving through. She moves through inner-spring (follicular), inner-summer (ovulation), inner-autumn (luteal) & inner-winter (menstruation).

With each inner-season the body requires different food, different exercise, to socialise differently & to show up in work differently. Hormones rise = energy rises. Hormones drop = energy drops. On a surface level, it’s as simple as that!!! I teach this in depth & it’s vital that feminine beings reclaim the cyclicity of their life & allow menstruation to be a time of deep rest. By doing this, it becomes the last piece of the puzzle that takes period pain away for all future coming periods. I have witnessed so many sisters de-code their period pain from this “inconvenient curse”, into an absolute BLESSING, source of inspiration & powerful inner-wisdom. We spent on average 2,500 days of our lifetime bleeding on our Moon. So let’s make it as delicious, blissful & luxurious as possible sisters! 🩸🌹❤

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