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Let me guess...

From a young age, you were led to believe that being a Wombyn was “less than” & that menstruation was “the curse”?

You always felt that pain when bleeding, nausea so bad you are throwing up, excessive bleeding & bloating were all just something to get on with & part of being a Wombyn?

You always felt you needed to perform sexually in a way that was "pornographically approved" & were never given the tools to discover or celebrate your own undulating, orgasmic Yoni pleasure?

You were conditioned to believe that being cyclical & having a menstrual cycle was a bothersome disadvantage?

Sister, whether you join my course or not, I will tell you something now.

Every single one of these statements is FALSE!

I see you. I feel you. I've felt that way too.. Heck, I even wished my femininity & my Womb away so hard that my moon🩸completely disappeared for almost 3 years!

But then I woke up. I remembered. I realized that was not who I wanted to be...not for myself, nor for my loved ones, or my daughters, or my nieces or as the example for the young Wombyn of this earth.

I knew there was so much more than the fractured, toxic perception of femininity I had gathered from life so far. This was the work I was willing to do for myself & the world.

I made the decision to BECOME the very change, that I prayed for in the future generations.

I created “Menstrual Cycle Empowerment: The Online Initiation Journey” as a bridge between generational Womb trauma, (disempowering) patriarchal conditioning & a new journey into your very own Womb Awakening 🔽

So that you can be guided every step of the way by someone who’s already walked the walk (me😘).

There’s nothing new we’re learning in this work, it’s simply an ancient rememberance of our maternal lineage; a primordial wisdom already encoded in the body. Allow me to show you the way..

Picture by @lnaylorperrott

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