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Introducing the Holy Grail: The Cervix!

The original photos of Cervix’s were taken down. So as my ❤ sinks, I’ll share some hopefully “safer” images.

The 2nd image is a black hole, as they are remarkably similar, both conceptually & visually. Both are undulating portals to another universe…

The Cervix is the deepest part of the Vagina & the base of the Womb.

The Cervix is the holy portal between life & death; the Womb void either births new life or 🩸 through the Cervix.

Some magical facts:

~ During Ovulation the Cervix lifts up higher in the Vaginal canal, softens to the texture of your bottom lip & releases a special Cervical mucus that looks like stretchy egg white (to create an alkaline home for potential sperm!)

~ Cervix orgasms are COSMIC & deeply healing. They’re like climbing a mountain: they take time, patience, awareness, breath & deep presence.

~ The Vagus nerve runs from the Medulla (back brain), behind the tongue, through the throat, wraps around the heart, through the chest cavity, runs PARALLEL to the spine ~ separate from the central nervous system & into the CERVIX.

~ The discovery of the Vagus nerve running to the Cervix was due to that fact that Wombyn with damaged spinal cords, paralysed from the neck down, were still having Cervical orgasms!

~ In Taoism the Cervix is connected to the heart & the breasts. Breast massage & a deep heart connection are the keys to the big Cervical O.

~ The Cervix is CONSTANTLY renewing itself! It continually regenerates itself from the Cervical Oz (the little mouth in the centre).

YES: you can completely regenerate & renew your Cervix from all pain, trauma or abnormal cancerous cells. Woo!

~ The Cervix is the boundary between your outer & inner world. Often when there has been frequent, unloving pounding, it hardens & de-sensitises to protect itself.

~ The Cervix ❤‘s Yoni eggs, crystal wands & Yoni steams! She also adores it when you bring your loving presence to her by relaxing her completely.

There’s so much MORE to unveil about the Cervix & we go deep into this wisdom in my 8 week online initiation “Menstrual Cycle Empowerment”.


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