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I wasn’t born into a “sisterhood”

I grew up in an environment of toxic femininity through & through.

I grew up with 4 older sisters who were always fighting, envious, competitive, sometimes spiteful & ALWAYS dieting.

I grew up witnessing a housewife mother who was always striving to be unconditionally loving, pleasing & compliant.

I grew up in an oppressive Christian girls school that was riddled with eating disorders, insecurity, competition & slut shaming.

The 1st time I was slut shamed was at 10 years old when I wore a bra to school, as my breasts had started growing. Togetherness & celebration was not something I knew of when it came to Wombyn. In many ways I was also a part of it. I wasn’t shown any other way of behaving. I had no healthy feminine role models TO look up to.

At 20 I started going to Wombyn’s circles, where for the 1st time I experienced people sharing their vulnerability in loving acceptance by others. I’d literally never been in a space where I felt safe to share my emotions without feeling like someone was going to judge me or use my words against me. I could finally be seen. Fully.

From there, the concept of sisterhood truly revealed itself. I had to build it all for myself, from the ground up & it was hard fucking work. I started archetype work, unveiling the shadows I held within me of the wounded Maiden, Queen, Lover, Sacred Slut, Witch, Mother & Warrioress. I redefined every relationship. I only welcomed in Wombyn to my life who respected my values.

As I did the inner work, my entire outer world shifted & I stopped attracting in toxic friendships anyway. Conscious communication has become one of my most important values in relationships. I used to shut down & avoid. I had to look at my avoidance patterns & relearn EVERYTHING.

From there only deeply conscious, trustworthy, celebratory & expansive Wombyn stepped into my life. This is why I now hold Wombyn’s Ceremony. So TOGETHER we can witness & honor each other in ALL of the flavors of the feminine & feel fucking liberated by each others growth!

We get to rewrite the story now.

An ode to unapologetically celebrating each other.

An ode to sacred sisterhood.

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